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Real Estate Rebel: Add Package Only:

multi family buy and hold
This is JUST the add-on package, for those of you who have already purchased a copy of the book, Real Estate Rebel.

Included Files:
  • A real estate investment deal calculator (excel) which gives you ten years of performance data, including cash on cash return & return on total equity.
  • Tenant emergency instructions
  • Tenant apartment "owner's manual"
  • Lead paint addendums & pamphlet
  • Tenant safety handout
  • Tenant pamphlet: damage vs. wear-and-tear
  • Lease & addendums
  • Pet owner's addendum & agreement
  • Lease summary & highlights
  • Add or remove a tenant from lease package
  • Move out package for tenant
  • Lots of "how to's"

Purchase our Real Estate Rebel starter package which includes:
The book "Real Estate Rebel" in PDF, ePub & Kindle versions PLUS the complete forms & documents kit:
Whole package (Best Value: includes book & package) $47 || Just the package (for those that already have the book) $37

Purchase the book separately, in paperback, ePub or Kindle versions:
Bundled version with Kindle, PDF, & ePub formats: $10 || Paperback version: $17.95 || Kindle version only (from Amazon) $9.99
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